I’m Ethan & I love Jesus as much as my little heart allows. I’m an artist, writer and speaker. I love to travel, do stuff, etc.

Unless otherwise noted, I took every picture and penned every word on this ‘ere site.

I graduated from Moody Bible Institute a while ago, then lived in Guatemala. Now I’m a youth pastor in Littleton, Colorado and a student at Denver Seminary for the foreseeable future!

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  1. I just wanted to be one of a million girls that’s probably proposing to you now.

  2. Sharron Jones

    Good Morning,

    I saw you last night on channel 9 news and I was blown away by you running in the rain with no shirt on. It sucks you are leaving today would’ve been nice to meet you in person. I normally don’t do this but since I am single i decided why not give it a try. My name is Sharron and if you have any questions please feel free to email me. Otherwise, have a safe trip back to Colorado and good luck if I don’t hear from you. Have a blessed day.



  3. Ethan, it was a pleasure to see you on wgn of course, lol. But I had more pleasure reading your blog and learning somethings about you. It’s comforting to know, we all have the same thoughts of life and desires to improve and help others while enjoying what life has to offer. It was a pleasure to meet you, kind’ve. May the force of life be with you!

  4. Sabrina Martinez

    I saw your wgn clip and thought you had an incredible sense of humor and great smile. In this crazy world of what ifs and could have beens, I hope you find your happily ever after. Thank You for helping me smile today.

  5. andrea fondulas

    Hey Ethan, saw you on the news. Come hang out in Boston sometime! I’ll show ya around.

  6. Hey there Ethan,
    I saw your story trending on Facebook this morning so I poked around to see what all the fuss was about. I have to admit, coming to this blog, I expected to see a typical “bro” who was all about the gym and women. However, to see that your name is getting out there and you’re upfront about your faith in Christ is a pleasant surprise. I am sorry for allowing my own assumptions to precede learning about you as a person and I hope your new found fame treats you well as you navigate holding to your faith in the spotlight.

  7. zenofwordpress

    Ethan – I just saw your shirtless run video. Got me to thinking that if you really do like being out in the cold, you should google ‘Wim Hof Method’ and check out wimhofmethod.com. I am doing his breathing method and I really do think there is something to it. Anyway, good luck with all the other inquires from your video. Greg

  8. Hi Ethan,

    My name is Dorothy and I am an associate producer with Steve Harvey which is a daytime talk show. I was watching WGN this morning and I came across your interview. I would love to talk to you about possibly coming to the show. Please give me a call once you’re done reading all the messages you’ve received since last night.

    Thank you,

    Dorothy Dziubasik

  9. hello Ethan, my name is jack. i am a biblical-theologian. & i’d like to challenge your beliefs.
    i feel u may not yet know an a true understanding of Jesus, based on the writing i’ve read on your blog.
    i’m a kind, compassionate person who loves to promote theological learning so let me know if you’d be interested in dialogue.

    • Theological discourse is indeed fascinating, and can help us reach a deeper understanding of God and our relationship with him. But I would cation you against the assumption, or perhaps implied assumption based on your phrasing, your understanding of Jesus is more true than any other persons. We are all gifted with the free will to pursue our own relationship with the lord and no human being ever attains a perfect understanding of the Lord we don’t have the capacity to do so, therefore we cannot make the assumption that one incomplete understanding is superior to another. If I may proffer a non-biblocentric peice of advice, use proper grammar and spelling. Doing so shows a level of respect, were as failure to do so shows disrespect and ingorance.

      • Geez, Becka, if you’re going to nag someone about spelling, better have perfect spelling yourself! I count at least 5 spelling errors and 3 grammar errors in your post!

      • Alice Chalice

        Please check your spellings before calling-out others. And, assumptions are not nice.

      • Alice, you should maybe consider relaxing with your punctuation. Adding in unnecessary commas and hyphens doesn’t make you look like you’re more intelligent, especially when they happen to be used incorrectly. 🙂

    • Wow, who gave you the way and the light to determine that Ethan “doesn’t have a true understanding of Jesus”? I failed to get the memo from Jesus that your way of believing was the correct way and the other memo stating that Ethan viewpoint was misguided. I know it can be difficult not to, but don’t judge others, man. We are all guilty of it (I just realized I did it in an earlier post, and I think seeing this was God telling me to not do what I just did earlier). I wish you well, but remember that everybody’s journey and path with God & Jesus is different, and it isn’t up to us to determine whether or not they are wrong just because it doesn’t align with your beliefs. Save the judgement for God when it comes to religion.

  10. Hello Ethan,

    I enjoy your blog and I think we might have a lot in common.


  11. Great website! Reading news today and saw the running in the rain clip! Hilarious! And then I read your a Christian too! Great to hear it and encouraging that there are more guys out there that love The Lord . The fitness is fun as well. Send any great workout tips and walk with the Lord tips ya want! I’ll book mark your website. Glad to see you lay out yours sins too. Helps the rest of us:-).



  12. This may sound odd coming from a random stranger, but God speaks to me through poetry, too. I have a journal book I carry around with me because I have learned over time that the words come to me at the oddest times, and I have to write them down before the distractions all around pull me away from being able to focus. There is such truth to Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know I am God.” In full disclosure, I did find your blog from the interview that is blowing up Facebook. In reading the first few blog posts, I think I was initially shocked at the initial topics, but reading them all the way through, it all made sense. It is a bold move to put our “secret sins” out for the public to see; but no sin is ever secret to God and Christ. I applaud you for your honesty ….

  13. Justyna Syska

    Hi! I’m a producer with BIG 95.5 in Chicago… we talked about your story on air today! We are doing a follow up tomorrow… are you able to call in? My email is JustynaSyska@iheartmedia.com if you want to send over an email so I can give you our number and time to call. It will only take a few minutes tomorrow morning. Thanks!

  14. I might just take some inspiration from your posts. I love your voice/tone that you set for your blog, definitely worth the read!

  15. sasha olsen

    I messaged you on facebook I’m I think I seriously know a perfect woman for you shes pred med at u of o shes beautiful look up ol sasha in your messages I sent you a pic and info on that beautiful soul

  16. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Take good care and I wish you a WONDERFUL holiday season and a blessed New Year!


  17. Hi.
    Apologies for the random message; I’m a TV Exec Casting Producer, based in London and NYC.
    This summer we took 20 Americans from the US to Africa for the adventure of a lifetime, which changed their lives. In 2016 we hope to do it again with 20 new people to a different location.

    We will be looking for Survivalists, Ex-Military, Mountain Climbers, Hunters, Fisherman, Cooks, and ATHLETES to take part.
    Could you be interested?

    Twitter: @ChannelCASTING

  18. Hi Ethan. I recently came across your blog and I find it quite inspirational. I’m reconnecting with God and I have never felt more at peace. I love when I encounter people, sometimes even strangers who are able to share their journey as well. As you continue to share, I will continue to read! 🙂

  19. Yo Ethan!

    Of course I saw your viral video…hilarious! I’m a new fan of your blog too, this is awesome.

    I’m reaching out because I started a dating app that is absolutely perfect for you, called MeetMeOutside. You got it, the idea is you date outside! (which includes running in the rain)
    I started the company in Boston but am launching a national campaign early 2016.

    I’d love to get in contact and see if you could help spread our word in Chicago/Colorado with the new found fame.

    I wish you the best of luck with your personal training, art, travel, and at the Moody Bible Institute.


  20. Monica johnson

    I love that you walk as an example of who you follow! I am a singer and truly believe that music is healing and has the power to show you that God can meet you right where you are at…in the midst of your pain and your joy. Thank you for your light…keep shining!!


  21. My 8 year old son and I were watching your second cameo on wgn and his eyebrows went up as high as mine when you said you are a Christian. Such an awesome way to put God in the forefront of everyone that watched!!! God Bless!

  22. It was very admirable to see you speak up about your Christian beliefs while everyone is just wanting to check you out. Only a true Christian would be good enough for you and surely you will find her amongst all your newfound fans. It’s been a joy to watch your “15 minutes of fame” on channel 9. My kids love that you’re Christian and that you attended Moody, where hopefully they will attend one day. You must have awesome parents. If you ever come this way, feel free to stop by and shake hands with my 12 year old son, you’re like a role model now :).

  23. I read your post on porn. Wasn’t sure where you were at with that. But have you tried the exquisite mutual focus of the dom/sub relationship? (And, in sync with that cut off all ingestion of porn, whether merely visual or audio-visual, strip clubs, and all other modes of sex that subvert the channels of intimacy and high play?) Annie in Alexandria, VA

  24. Melanie Dennis

    I in no way expect any kind of response to this however, I would not be disappointed if I received one(preferably from Ethan). I happen to be scrolling through my apple news app and came across the article that included you and your dating debut to the public. I wont deny that I became interested and thought I might try my chances at conserving with you. Unfortunately, Im not a member of any social media site and have no real interest in joining one. My real question is this: of those 900+ friend requests you received, how many of them do you think youll actually speak to and of those, how many do you anticipate being “shut down” based on their lack of mutual love for the Lord? Ive always found religion a sensative subject and often avoid any discussion including it but I appreciate your boldness regardless.

    Once again, I expect nothing from this, but Im not opposed to further communications.

    • Ooh! Good question! Sorry, I’m not Ethan. I just saw one of the interviews and thought “he sounds like a pretty nice guy. I wonder if he’s going to actually try to contact anyone…” Then I came on the website to see if he did haha! I kind of hope there’s an ongoing story that comes out of this. Anyway I just wanted to say I like your question, And I wondered the same. enjoy your evening/day wherever you are.

  25. Melanie Dennis

    Sorry. I should have introduced myself properly considering I went on a short rant. Im Melanie. Im a student currently living in Ohio. I was a professional ballet dancer and teacher previously in my life. I am as messed up and twisted as they come. I like cheese and cheesy movies. Hi.

  26. Hey there,
    I stumbled across your clip from the weather forecast and got curious. I read that you were a photographer and wanted to check out your work. I didn’t expect to be so moved by your blog as well. It’s so funny how God works sometimes. Earlier this evening, I had an emotional breakdown in my car because of some things in my life that I’m trying to figure out and I just prayed that He would show me what it was I needed to see. You and your blog answered so many questions I was throwing out there and even some that I didn’t feel comfortable with acknowledging. So thank you for being bold enough to put your heart down on paper (so to speak.)
    Also, back to your photography for a moment, if I hadn’t already fallen in love with your words I definitely fell in love with your images. I just graduated with my Associates in photography and I’m always looking for photographers with the same passion for moments as I have.
    So now that I’m done rambling, I’d just like to say thank you again for sharing your work. Your words and images are gorgeous!

  27. Hi Ethan,
    I’ve read your blog and it’s refreshing to read an honest and human response to their daily experiences and struggles. I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea and get to know you a little more and talk about God, life, and maybe share some jokes.

  28. Serena Wixson

    I am your first marriage propsal. I know you have been getting numerous friend request because of the shirtless run and no doubt you are hot. But that is not what I saw first. I saw your smile, that which comes from a deep joy. I saw you doing your own thing, not even trying to get popular, you were just living life. Then I discovered you had a blog about Christ and that is when I fell in love with you. I, too, walk in His grace by faith and declare I was annointed while I was feverently praying for someone (an ex husband), that day I was reconciled to the God of the Most High as I pleased Him in the silence of my prayers alone in my bedroom.
    I hope this contact to you stands out from all others. My heart is truely filled with blessings knowing what I read in your blog has left me not so alone in the world anymore. I have been through enormous spiritual trials constantly being tested and deceived for quite some time now. I know I have a much larger purpose in life, and being around another fellow disciple of Jesus Christ can only grow me into what God’s will is. And I am certain that my stories would be evident to you that I am a true witness to who the King of Kings is, our Saviour. Let’s get to know each other.

  29. what sign are you? I’m a pisces

  30. Hi!

    I came across your famous story about you running in the rain haha. I was really intrigued when I saw that you are doing Biblical studies ( I am in Bible college as well). So I got curious and instagrammed you & checked out your page.

    1) I think it’s smart you put yourself on private.
    2) I really love how you are using your publicity & almost directing people to your website to spread the gospel.
    3) Hold the fist of faith & keep believing for the one! Haha I am too.

    It’s so encouraging seeing other people our age doing great things for God. Keep pushing for greatness! He has a lot in store for you.


    Girl from VA

  31. I just wanna say as a woman in her 20s, how refreshing it is to see a guy like yourself on fire for God!…Not often to come across a guy like yourself. Keep strong in Him ☝🏼️

  32. Dorothy Wortche

    I have a daughter who is also into physical fitness and training and big on Christianity. She works two jobs and goes to college and recently has had her heart broken terribly and had stayed away from the dating world but am trying to get her back out there. Not because she’s my daughter but she is just the sweetest most thoughtful young lady you could meet. I am tired of seeing the guys who try and date my daughter they are not the gentlemen she deserves. I would be glad to send you a picture of her if you would like to see her OH and her name is Sarah. Please don’t think ill of me doing this but I was sold when I heard you profess your Christianianity.

  33. You’re a very devoted man to Christ our savior! You are an inspiration! I can’t stop reading your posts!

  34. I want to marry you.

    P.S I’m not perfect…

    That is all. 😊

  35. Hey!

    I saw a buzzfeed article of you today ( the running under the rain one ) and a friend made a comment about you. I found your name on the commmet secction and found your blog.

    I have to say, you have quite an impressing blog. I’m more impressed by the fact that you speak so freely about God and your relationship with him. Not many young people/adult like talking about it, specially when touching fragil topics like porn.

    Congrats on your blog.
    You seem like those few people you can have smart conversations with, so keep it up!

    Have a blessed day!

  36. Hi Ethan. I found you…well, the way everyone else has the past week or so! 🙂 Someone on my facebook wall shared you, and I ignored it. Someone else said you were a Christian, and I was intrigued. So of course I looked you up. And read a few of your posts. Beautiful and insightful, and lovely. Just wanted to tell you that I am following you, not because you’re trendy today, but because you strive for truth and share what you’ve learned from the heart. Even the hard stuff. Thank you. I’ll look forward to future posts. Merry Christmas.

  37. Hi Ethan,

    Congratulations on your new found popularity.

    Your story was so refreshing especially in light of the negativity infiltrating the media at present.

    It is clear that the Lord is using this opportunity to fulfil his will and draw the lost to His message of salvation. While I don’t intend to offer you a marriage proposal (I’m already taken).. I will offer you prayer as you negotiate the challenging terrain set before you, especially in light of the past temptations mentioned in your blog. It is obvious that the Lord has equipped you to handle the trails and temptations that you will encounter as you go forward on your journey. My prayer for you is that all else will fade in to insignificance as you find the woman that the Lord has been preparing for you.

    God Bless you Ethan. Keep shining his light!!

  38. Danielle Perreault

    Come explore Maine. You have a place to stay.

  39. Good morning Ethan, Just saw your interview on Fox news and immediately went to your blog based purely on the two tattoos. I was taken aback at how someone could list their sins so openly without fear of being judged and, as a Christian,I have to admit I was starting to get upset. That is, until I started to see that, I too, have hidden behind my sins and instead tried to focus on others. My brother, you have made me focus on mine and address them. I have been truly blessed and HE is full of grace. You have been picked by HIM to reach out to others and all you thought you were doing was jogging in the rain. I’ll keep reading and you are welcome to keep in touch

  40. Great writing…so moving to read about your relationship with the Lord. AND great to see you are a Moody Alumnus (as am I, 1983, and my daughter Fiona, 2015). Keep on, keeping on, my friend!

  41. Hi, Ethan!
    My name is Catherine (Cat for short). You are one popular young man!- LOL. As many, I have seen your ‘shirtless’ interview on Fox News. You’re cute! 🙂 But, that is not why I am writing you.

    I was impressed with you stating your faith on live television; not many Christians do that. Also, I liked your tattoos; I know….weird for stating that. I too am a photographer. I am not a professional by any means, I just enjoy the activity as a hobby. I enjoy traveling to different (local) places and capturing God’s beauty behind a camera lens; sharing with others His creation. Who knows, maybe one day I will make a career out of it!

    Looking at your website, I noticed you quote Scripture within your writings; that is wonderful! Writing about feelings and things that people go through daily and then quoting Scripture helps people realize God understands ALL circumstances. He is an AWESOME God.

    …..And no….I am not going to propose….LOL. Though I too am single…..HAHA. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  42. Wow transparency is such a rare thing 👀 I began writing back in 10 about us losing our home/commercial business ~~ no holds barred & it blew up. Not to popular being “po”. But it shure did resonate with a lot folks around the world. So bravo to you sweet boy! Honesty & truth is a trait missing often from your generation
    Shugchic pronounced like “sugar” my granny called shug growing up!

  43. David and Terri Spears

    Dear Ethan.
    You brought more attention to our savior in one day than most do in a lifetime. We are blessed by your authentic, transparent joy you find in your daily walk with Jesus. Thank you for boldly being His example. You inspire us!
    David and Terri

  44. Just saw you on Fox News. Wanted to say God Bless you. He is clearly using you in mighty ways. I love the 2 tattoos you mentioned you have, if I weren’t chicken they would be great choices. 2 Timothy 1:7 and Matt 10:7-8 have also been considered for tats 🙂 Keep advancing the kingdom. In Him. Kristy

  45. God bless you, my brother, for being fit and taking care of your temple, for being a man unashamed of being a man, and for being a Christian unashamed of being a Christian. Any one of those three we let slide easily in today’s culture, but you hold on to them and make them stronger by your bold witness. LIVE LARGE FOR JESUS.

  46. Ethan I was reading to your post on the weight of presence and it really spoke to me. There is a presence people have a weight going beyond the physical occupation of space, but I also find there is a tangible almost physical presence that the Lord possesses. The feeling of infinite love that floats around us when we open ourselves to it. It has the comfort and warmth of being wrapped in the embrace of someone who loves you. Because this is the presence of God it is always there but we some how convince ourselves to ignore it, and it’s can be difficult to learn to sense it again. For me personal amazing beauty of the world like the view from the edge of the Grand Canyon makes it easier to sense. I am sorry I seem to lost track of what I was saying talking about the presence. I hope you have a wonderful day, and feel that you are incredibly loved.

  47. My friend sent me a message with a link to your video telling me that she wanted to marry you which led me to your blog and your words on Jesus. You seem to have a genuine love for Him which is uncommon in these times. I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all the attention you’ve received from women who apparently want to marry you. I don’t know if you’ll even see this message, but when I read one of the comments on your blog about s&m I felt such a spiritual sickness that I knew I needed to warn you. I saw from your blog post that you are addicted to porn and it makes perfect sense that Satan would try to entice you in this way. You have the opportunity to pursue fame right now and I’m sure you could convince yourself that it would be for the glory of God. But I really believe that this is a trap from the enemy. You are in the midst of a battle and the last thing you want is to gain the world and forfeit your soul. You may already know this or you may think this is paranoia, but with all the people singing your praises, it seemed necessary to speak truth and remind you that friendship with the world is enmity with God. If Satan is tempting you this hard, it is probably because God is planning to use you. Fight the good fight. Carry the name of Jesus and beware that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. I’ll be praying for God to strengthen you, help you remain humble, and to use this to grow you into the man He wants you to be and to glorify Himself through this. I will also be praying that He will give you deliverance from your addiction. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

  48. Hey Ethan! I found this blog after looking up the guy from Chicago. I tripped out when i realized you were one of our regulars at Starbucks.

  49. Not a girl

    If you decide guys are your thing hmu

  50. I enjoyed your “not waiting” to be happy article!

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