How to Talk to Women

Tired of feeling rejected?
Feel like you have so much to offer?

When you experience patterns of rejection, you have two options:
Change the women because the problem is always with THEM (this is called manipulation…manipulation bad), or change yourself. Grow. Improve. Cut out some bad habits and traits that were holding you back. The problem is, you just may be unaware of what those are!

That’s where this course can help.

The world is full of good guys LIKE YOU who just don’t know how to get their foot in the door when it comes to talking to women! This course is NOT for men who want a quick hook-up or manipulative tricks! It’s for great guys who want real relationships with great women—you just don’t know how to get from single to mingling.

Access over 5 hours of video lessons, an 80-page e-book, and three bonus interviews with world-renowned experts! Make a one-time payment of $39 $5 and get started now, plus keep access to future updates and added content!

What are you waiting for?? Improve your confidence today!

With extensive experience in dating and a proven ability to attract women, Ethan is the perfect guy to help you find your next date.

Andy Green, Counselor

Build your confidence

This course gives you practical steps to building your overall confidence. Don’t artificially inflate yourself or ACT confident, but BE it!

Find the right words

Sometimes we think of the right things to say a minute too late. Maybe you struggle thinking of topics to chat about. I can help with this too!

Avoid common pitfalls

What keeps detracting from your efforts? There may not be ONE BIG THING keeping you from dates, but a dozen small ones! Let’s fix ’em

Ethan’s “Talk to Women” really opened my eyes to how much of a role both humility and trying new things play into shaping our confidence as men. It’s a true call to abandon your comfort zone!

Robby Rasbaugh, Youth Pastor


Introduction: What is this course?

Second Lesson: CONFIDENCE

Third Lesson: “The Pregame”

Fourth Lesson: Talking to Strangers

Fifth Lesson: Dating Apps!

Sixth Lesson: First Date

Final Lesson: Physical Contact & Kissing

BONUS: Interview with Kait Warman from The Heart of Dating

BONUS: Interview with ‘Refined Woman’ Kat Harris

BONUS: How JohnnyYou found the woman of his dreams

What are you waiting for?? Improve yourself today!