Books for sale!

As many of you may already know, I self-published two books recently. The first was a collection of non-fiction writing, similar to my typical blog posts, consisting of poetry, prose, reflections, and devotions. It is called Leaving Weather. Preview and order it here.


The second book, The Tall People, is a collection of short stories I have written over the past several years. Preview and order it here.


Thanks for reading!


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  1. Very powerful! I love Jesus and He led me out of a relationship with a covert emotional manipulator just the other day. He led me out before the psychopath had a chance to finish the last phase of his sick and heartless game, the dicard phase. I am so incredibly thankful that I figured out the game before it got to the part that I am currently enduring because we still live together. The part where he attacks my every weekness (then tells me he loves me) and then tries to convince me that I was never good enough for him because his coworker is better. Then he sings Amazing Grace while cooking dinner and tells my kids he loves them.
    I can relate to your blog. The naked truth makes my heart happy beyond words. It’s not easy to find people who don’t shut down when I communicate the raw facts of who I am. It’s hard for many to accept and understand how a person can be so flawed and also so open. I know who I am. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable. It only makes me want to be better.
    Thanks for your blog. By the way, I heard about you on the radio and looked you up when I got home and saw the interview. I expected your blog to be anything other than what I found. I love it.

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