“Ethan was our speaker at our youth camp and spoke to our campers for 5 days. Our campers loved Ethan and connected well with him and the message he brought. He is deep, biblically solid and gifted at being able to connect young people to God’s grace. He was a blessing!”

-Gary Breaks, 180 Youth Camp, Scotland

Some folks just like to stand on stage and entertain people; nothing wrong with that, but no one will grow or be challenged!

Some speakers love to dive deep and swim into the rich depths of Scripture and philosophy. This is great, as long as people aren’t falling asleep in their seats!

For years I have strived to find the balance between engaging audiences of all ages, challenging people without shaming them, teaching them about the Word without boring them, and entertaining them without losing depth.

I have years of experience teaching in Bible studies, preaching in churches, and speaking at schools, camps and conferences. Small group settings or big auditoriums, send me a message and we can chat! Topics I love to cover include theology, grace, shame, pornography, social media, loneliness, and many more!

If you’re interested, check out some of the examples below, or check out my podcast!

Sermon on Psalm 1: How to live a #blessed life.

A message on pride…what is it?

Here is the audio from a recent message to a Christian high school.

Check out this video from Grace Church in North Carolina: The Sex Talk.