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I’m a writer, speaker, creator and pastor!

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I’m Ethan & I love Jesus as much as my little heart allows. I’m an artist, writer and speaker. I love to travel, do stuff, etc.

Unless otherwise noted, I took every picture and penned every word on this ‘ere site.

I graduated from Moody Bible Institute a while ago, then Denver Seminary.

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What my readers say

Big Feelings, Big Healing

I picked it up and didn’t put it down until I read all of it. Ethan’s expression of internal dialog is captivating, validating and relatable. The book looks like a journal, reads like a story and is chalked full of raw human experience.

~ Bridget B.

Beautifully Written

All the Immortal Things That Live Inside of Us is one of those books I’ll return to again and again. It’s like nostalgia or the soft refrains of a well-loved song. Reading it was like reflecting on a memory I didn’t realize I had. It teased all the phantom emotions I’ve spent years trying to the find words to adequately express.

~ Jules D.

This was the book my soul needed

Ethan is a brilliant and creative author, I highly recommend this latest edition to his collection of great works.

~ Mandee M.


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