An Old Poem: 1/4/10

From January 4, 2010

so we cause some trouble,
throw some stones,
break some windows,
break some bones.
in whose name do we pray?
whose fault is all this?
well, He brings division,
He warned us of this.

so we drive a tad fast
and we talk to some girls,
and we do not wear watches,
we’ve all the time in the world,
but whose kingdom should come
and whose name do we bear?
why, it’s Christ; the Anointed,
who else can compare?


1 comment on “An Old Poem: 1/4/10

  1. You enjoy running in the rain? That’s different, but unique… Your picture did bring a smile to my face, then curiosity brought me to this page.
    Anyways, I enjoyed reading this page. I like the way you express yourself. I think you should shave your beard, my opinion.
    you look 10xs better….
    Wish you the best, Patrice
    Email: rains.patrice@yahoo.com


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