Devotional Poetry


A not-necessarily-biographical iamb.

I looked between the covers, where the lovers have their way,
but found that fleeting pleasure never did intend to stay.
I looked inside my pocket for a sum so grand and vast,
but money also robbed me, its fullness didn’t last.
I looked out on the mountaintop, and by the sandy coast,
but never did I find the view that suited me the most.
I looked for Love both high and low, but never could I find
a love so deep it covered me and left my past behind.

In all my searching, I did grow to hate this empty life.
It came on me so suddenly like cattle to the knife.
But at the bottom, there I lay, exhausted from my spree;
I never had to look for it, for one day Love found me.
It came to me in silence, when the noise had wandered off,
It sounded like a whisper, coming low and sweet and soft.
The Love said He forgave me, and He made me white as snow,
for mercy conquers sacrifice and glory is my home.



4 comments on “11/24/14

  1. I am still in tears! You have made the Truth poignant and beautiful!

  2. Hey Ethan,
    Saw your video about looking for love, you should email me

  3. This is amazing, Ethan.

  4. Christina Rekha

    Beautiful. 🙂

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