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Now Let Me Find A Stopping Place

Aren't you tired of not having my newest book?


It’s. Finally. Here.

Junior year of high school, I made a resolution to write one poem a night. This collection takes the best of these from the past ten years (2008-2018) and presents them as part-poetry collection/part-memoir. It documents not only writing, but the story of Ethan’s life as he bounced around the globe and went through the infatuation, love, loss, and yearning that each of us feels.

If you ever feel like the loneliest person in the room, this collection is for you. If you seem to fall in love with a different stranger every day, this book may be for you too. If you’re an Enneagram Number 4, it’s definitely for you.

And if you’re, like, the nicest person ever, you can share this link with your friends so they can snag their own copy and won’t have to borrow yours:

So now you can finally see why I’ve been so lazy on the blog/podcast/YouTube/Etc! Hope you enjoy!

Much love,


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