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En Route

We are all on a journey, but to where?


If nothing else, this quarantine has shown us that all of our anxious busyness of the past served to hide us from our true teleological aims.

Let me put that in English:

Before the quarantine took effect, we were always going going going. I know a lot of people — including me — who talked about being still and meditating, but rarely actually did it. Because if we were ever actually still, we may have to encounter ourselves. And we may have to encounter God. And we may have to address the void in us which reminds us that there is a hunger there for more meaning than material can give us.

All of our going helped occupy our minds away from the fact that all of us are going to die some day. That we are on a journey, and that each minute of each day counts. Maybe this specific minute is boring or meaningless in and of itself; if you could hold any random minute under a microscope, it may not reveal much to you.

But each minute, in the context of your life, matters because each one moves you an inch closer to your grave. It slides you a hair closer to the portion of your life which is lived out on the other side of the soil.

In this quarantine, take advantage of this rare moment to examine your life and look toward your death. Are you prepared to approach that Great Mystery, or are you busy binging Netflix to distract yourself?

Don’t lose sight of the journey you are on; a journey called life. And more importantly, don’t forget that all journeys lead somewhere.

Where is yours taking you?

Closer to God or away from Him?


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