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Once more,
let me inquire of the Lord,
for O! is His silence jarring to my senses.
Ten times ten times ten times
did I call out to Him from the place of my sin.
And every time His answer was the same:

Yet even more times has His mercy reached my
knees, rising until I drowned in it.
Even more times has He picked me up from my filth,
naked and spent,
unable to hide and too frail to run.

I’ve run from You,
O Keeper of my salvation.

O, how I have departed!

I have longed for Your death, that I
may take my inheritance now,
impatient son that I am.

But ten times ten times ten times
have you sought me out in the valley of the dead,
taking me from my place of sin
to Your hill of resurrection.


4 comments on “1/2/2016

  1. Nice poem.

  2. Wow. Great poem. Especially the sentence ten times I thought powerful.
    I could sense the despair, but through it all, the hope we have in Jesus
    In dark times we can experience his mercy even more. Unbelievable

  3. I just saw your article in Relevant. It was unexpected as I’d seen the video and even joked about it with a friend who lives in Chicago. I forget that there’s two sides to internet fame. Glad to see even in the good and bad of this, you found wisdom to share!

  4. He is not silent…. He is constantly sending His message and signs… Its akin to a radio frequenqy, you just have to find out what frequncy He is broadcasting to you on. How do you find out what frequency? Ask Him… Might seem like a catch 22 but its a two sided coin and the other side is very dark but as tempting as a milkyway next to a wilted stalk of brocolli.

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