A Little Announcement

2 comments on “A Little Announcement

  1. Barbara Gomez

    You go ethan I totally support you. People like to judge and as you judge others that’s how you will be judge. I sent you a message thru Facebook telling you about my experience hope you had read it. Prayer helps and I will pray for you ethan because you are on the right path. People think that God puts them in special places and in a hire level or position because they are special, no, no, is to help others and do good.


  2. Looking forward to your thoughts and anything that might be helpful. As a single gay guy, I struggle with porn. The church debate seems so focused on whether it’s ok to be gay, it seems to forget that in the meantime we’ve got the same pastoral issues and addictions as straight single people. I study the Bible, go to church and try and help other people as we’re all called to do, but still struggle to stop using porn in my life.


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