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The Tiniest Human Ever, A Pro-Life Parable

Said Ralph, “Why, I’ve never seen a human so small. Most humans are strong and most humans are tall!”


The island was small and the men were all good. The men never fought and they all shared their food. The island was quiet, not subject to noise. Perhaps it was how they loved life’s little joys.

The men lived in peace with no reason to fight. They were not very loud but they weren’t very bright. The island knew peace, that’s how it was arranged.

Their lives were quite simple but one day that all changed.

A human appeared, not more than three foot. They thought they were quiet, but this one was mute.

Said Ralph, “Why, I’ve never seen a human so small. Most humans are strong and most humans are tall.”

“I’ve heard of this kind,” said Ralph’s little brother. “They live in the tropics and eat one another.”

“No, no,” said another, “that can’t be correct…because this one looks harmless. He has no effect!”

The men were confused; all tripped up in wonder. Their isle had been breached and the men tore asunder. They argued and fought about what they should do without talking directly to the one who was new.

He stood to the side and watched all the commotion, and all the while wondered why the sudden explosion. He watched as the men conversed louder and louder, until one was a yeller, the other a shouter. And all of the noise and all of the cries caused him to start whimpering in soft little sighs.

But nobody noticed, at least not for a while, the new man felt alone on the small crowded isle.

But after a minute, or maybe a few, the little man’s sobs did come into view. So Ralph and his brother and a handful of others approached the small man and oh, how he shuddered. To be surrounded by all of these gigantic men, it gave him a scare from his bones to his skin. So he cried even louder and louder until all the men spoke more kindly and they softened their wills.

“Now what is your name?” said an old man drinking rum, “and how did you get here and where are you from?”

“But now wait half a minute,” said Ralph’s brother Edmund. “How did any of us get here? And where are we from?” Then a long silence fell upon all of the crowd. For no one knew where and nobody knew how. They all just appeared there, they awoke as a man; nobody asked questions and life just began.

But now there was this one, so small and not strong. He was not like the others; his size was all wrong.

“Well, if we attack him I’m sure we would win,” said one of the grown men, now rotten within. “I mean look, he’s defenseless! His arms are so weak. I think we could take him, his chances are bleak.”

“But what is the point, what have we to gain? I know we’d defeat him, but why inflict pain?”

“Because this one is different, he’s so filled with fear! Our island would be better if he were not here.”

So they bickered and fought about what they should do, all because this small little human to their minds was new.

For no one had told them how they had arrived—that at one point all of them were this child’s size. No one had told them they were from somewhere else, and then shipped to the island to fend for themselves. All these men were imported from far, far away just to see how they’d fare without systems in place.

But there’d been a mistake and a child got sent, and his presence got all the men rather upset. Some were in favor of killing the boy, because he was a nuisance just there to annoy. “He’s just a mistake!” some selfish men said, “We never planned for him, he’s better off dead!”

But others defended the helpless small child. “We need to protect him and teach him the wild.” But they were outnumbered, twelve hundred to one, so they took the small human and punctured his lungs.

“He was just a mistake, he’s not full-grown like us,” and they went back to their lives and forgot all the fuss.


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