Have a story to tell?

The other day I had an idea. I have been thinking of re-releasing my collection of short fictional stories, The Tall People, on Amazon so that more people could purchase it. But then I had the idea: “Why should it just be my stories?? Why not get other people involved??”

So that’s what I’m doing! I’m taking–for lack of a better word–submissions, to be published along with a bunch of other people’s stories! (Watch the video for a fuller description) If you have a story bouncing around in your head or in the back of your computer that you just want others to read, email me at ethanrenoe@gmail.com, or click here!

The Deets:
Preferably in the 1-2k word count (2-3 pages single spaced), with a maximum of 5k. No minimum.

The deadline is August 4th.

Please limit the sexual or profane content. If you’re unsure, just email me or send the story over anyway!

Fiction is preferred to non-fiction.

There is no monetary compensation (unless the book somehow does REEEAALLLLY well); the idea is simply to get our writing out to a bigger audience and share some good stories!
I’m so excited to read all these!


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  1. Sort of — a “Reader’s Digest” via Ethan ?? A fun idea !!

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