My dating book is HERE!

And it's already at #1 on Amazon!

For those of you who have missed it, my new book, Bad Timing, came out on Saturday and it hit #1 (and #4…the paperback and ebook editions) in its category! I couldn’t be happier/more grateful/more wowed by all of you and your support! Now I can say I’ve had TWO books sit atop that #1 best-seller spot…

Don’t just take my word for it though, read what people have said about it:

"UGH i am enjoying this immensely. It made me laugh out loud."

"Really good. Not much to say, just that I really enjoyed it."

"I'm crying right now."

"I can’t stop reading this book. It’s poetic, thoughtful, moving, and so funny. It brought to mind my own dating memories and stirred some old feelings. I appreciated how it caused me to evaluate my own similar dating mistakes and what I could learn from them. This is not just a compilation of some amusing and sometimes painful dating stories. They’re entertaining but also contain depth. It’s the perfect mixture of humor, practical wisdom, vulnerability, and honesty. I’ll recommend this to my single Christian friends because more than ever we want to know we’re not alone. Sometimes what we need the most is to delve into our past experiences in order to find healing, understanding, and growth like this book unfolds so beautifully."
-Unknown Amazon Reviewer

And here’s the synopsis from the back of the book:

Many modern dating books treat relationships like a formula or checklist: Follow these rules and you’ll soar to marital bliss. Bad Timing takes a different approach. Pulling from over a decade of dating experiences, Ethan paints a raw portrait of today’s dating scene. This book is not a how-to, nor is it simply a memoir of hilarious and heartbreaking love stories. It’s the recap of a decade spent chasing after romance and failing miserably; sometimes it’s funny, often it’s tragic, but it’s always honest. Embedded in every reflection is at least one lesson learned by hard-won personal experience. The wisdom is less ‘preach’ and more ‘don’t make the same dumb mistakes I did.’ Whether you‘re looking for help with your dating life, relatable bittersweet tales, or simply some authentic entertainment, you’ll find it here.

Thanks again for the support and make sure to grab your copy here!


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