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Why I’m Warming Up to Trump

I think I was too harsh on him until I realized one thing about his time in office...


I think some of us may have been too harsh on Trump when he first took office. His policies and rationale may not be what many of us agreed with, but what he has done so far has been wonderful.

He has fought the Obamacare system the previous commander in chief worked so hard to establish, and he has convinced many that this is the best course of action. Trump’s professionalism is matched only by his presidential demeanor, as demonstrated by his graceful rebuttals to all of his opponents.

He has cut down on terrorism by 170% simply by enforcing racist travel laws, and he has magnificently upheld all sorts of Christian virtues by the model way he lives his life. He set 400 gorillas loose from the Central Park Zoo, giving them the life of freedom in the urban jungle they always longed for.

His policies on whipped cream “not being fluffy enough” is definitely something I can get behind, because I’m a huge advocate for whipped cream. Yet when I learned that The Donald is beginning a diet of exclusively kale leaves and juice squeezed out of his employees’ earlobes, I had to give him some props for upping his health game.

I recently discovered his business deals with entrepreneur Elon Musk to have the first building constructed on Mars be a Trump Tower. This only goes to show that Trump has built a solid business empire using honest tactics and…okay I can’t do this any more.

April fools!!

I made all that up.


3 comments on “Why I’m Warming Up to Trump

  1. Rob Burroughs Jr

    Ethan, I have been a huge reader to your blog. Most things I have to say I have agreed and even found some of your posts to put into words ideas I have not been able to formulate into words. However I would say I found this post to actually be offensive and in a way following the way of the world for a good laugh. I am not saying I agree with President Trump or his policies. I am saying that God calls to respect those He places in authority. Romans 13 is just one example of this. Please keep doing what your doing and living for God.

  2. So how do you believe about Trump? Are a Bernieite or Clintonista? Anything is better than a left wing liberal Democrat. Bernie said that believing John 14:6 disqualifies you from ever holding public office.

  3. Ethan,
    More Christians need to address and stand united against political leaders who use Christianity to unload their twisted beliefs and implement policy that will haunt all mankind in the future. Bravery comes in many forms and communicating your beliefs and thoughts through writing and lecture about subjects like (Trump) probably won’t’ get you much fan fair. But, will bring more Christians to the light about where Christianity is heading.

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