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The Tall People Are Here!!

Who doesn't love a good short story?


For the past two months, I’ve been working on a little side project where I asked everyone on the internet to send me their short fictional stories so we could put out a book together. After sorting through a lot of really great stories, I ended up with 13 stories by 13 writers to mix in with my collection of 15 of my own short stories, previously released on a different publishing platform.

This new book came out a few days ago (and in some odd coincidence is the EXACT same number of pages as my previous book, The New Lonely) and I am SO pumped about it! It looks awesome!

Click here to get your copy of The Tall People!!

Here is a list of all my fellow authors and the name of their respective short story, along with some links to their blogs:

Hannah Thomas – ‘You Look Familiar’
Rebecca Rice – ‘Birds on a Bridge’
Natalie Mepham – ‘The Chicken’
Geoffery Wolfe – ‘Face in the Mask’
Charis Joy Jackson – ‘Rose’
Adam Depew – ‘Transition’
Hannah Rumsey – ‘The Train Letter’
Julia Camara – ‘Life Saver’
David Alves – ‘Sub Rosa’
Mimi Hayes – ‘Mugs’
Todd Bishop – ‘Don’t Open the Window’
Carolyn Molloy – ‘Viewpoints’
Benji Frymier – ‘Vienna, February 2015’

Check it out because no matter what your favorite genre is, you’ll find it in The Tall People!


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