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The Shape Of My Father (A Poem)

An ode to family and growing old joyfully...


I have seen the shape of my father
hunch and round out
as the years mistreat him
(the days are evil).
I’ve watched as his joints grow sore
and his surgery count soared
and he flips from father
to grandpa in the batting of an eye.

But yesterday I watched as he
and my mother
ding-dong ditched the neighbor kids,
leaving gumballs on their doorstep.
I watched them fleeing the
scene of the crime
as fast as their achey joints could carry them,
jumping over rock beds
and shrubbery,
laughing loudly together.

I don’t want to be the shape
of a grandfather,
but I want my soul to be
the shape of my dad’s.



3 comments on “The Shape Of My Father (A Poem)

  1. garyarmour

    What a wonderful tribute to your father; to both of your parents. His playful act of giving to the neighbor kids indicates the warmth and joy he speaks into your life every day. Ethan, I believe your SOUL is the shape of your Dad’s!


  2. Ju Almarza



  3. Loved this poem, Ethan!! Beautiful!


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