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9 Things I’m Not Angry About Anymore

How expensive gas is. The silence of God. etc.


  1. How expensive gas is. Ever since I became friends with guys who are petroleum engineers.

  2. Being dumped by my first 4 girlfriends and rejected by 3 others in middle/high school. Shoulda seen them coming, I mean I had a Jedi rat tail.
  3. My friend Elliot always being late. Now I just account for it when planning.
  4. Space exploration not finding intelligent life yet. Probably for the best.
  5. My 3 iPods that were stolen at 3 different times. I finally began locking my car.
  6. Not getting that pastoral job. That church became a dumpster fire.
  7. Still being single. It stings but looking back, definitely for the best; did some cool stuff.
  8. Friends who stop talking to me. Relationships are like rivers and some just run their course.
  9. The silence of God. If He was talking all the time, I wouldn’t need to learn so much; pursuing Him with my mind.


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  1. Have you read Manning’s “The Furious Longing of God”? Your #9 reminds me of the cover photo. In His silence, He still is faithfully longing for each of us.

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